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We operate a number of senior leadership (including from MATs) and subject specialist panels covering UK schools, as well as, a parent panel. Now, we also run an international schools' panel.

School leaders

School leaders

Going straight to the top

There are times when only communicating with head teachers (inc. assistants and deputies) is required. Busy people and hard to get hold of, but our relationship with head teachers on our panel is strong. We never over research and always ensure information cannot be gathered from other staff. We we do ask questions, we ensure we provide market data in return, so as to allow for benchmarking. It may be findings from your own research or returning information from our own internal projects. 

Subject leaders

Business managers

Procurement specialists

There are many titles for those responsible for procuring products and services for the school. Our procurement panel ensures we are speaking to the correct individual that sources and purchases the product and services you supply.  These are often the ideal people to research when determining how, when and why products are purchased, along with the processes involved.


Subject gurus

We have a range of primary teacher panels, where all the members are heads of key stage, or subject co-ordinators. For our secondary panels, we source heads of department and curriculum directors. Our main panels cover English, maths and science, but we also run smaller panels for other subjects. This ensures you are speaking to the person who will know most about your category of product or service.

Edtech champions

We now run two core panels covering technology implementation and use of ICT in teaching. When it comes to understanding infrastructure, we contact network managers, while contacting our growing panel of edtech champions. These staff are the recognised leaders in supporting the school make better use of technology in teaching and learning.  


English-medium international schools

Global coverage

Since 2017, C3 Education has progressed development of school leader and teacher panels covering the 4,600+ English-medium international schools covering every continent and country. A geographically dispersed group, but with common fee-paying school structures and offering a UK curriculum.  

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