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To reach any of your insight goals you will need to utilise a combination of the following services, each of which is designed with the teaching community in mind. 

Your Brief

The first stage of any insight project is to hone a brief with you that ensures the research we undertake with you is focused on your core requirements. Sounds simple, but so often we can all lose sight of what we are really trying to investigate and how the findings will generate actionable changes across your business.

Invitations and Incentives


The first step in generating insight from teachers is ensuring invitations are well-scripted and encourage engagement – no mean feat. We’ve generated hundreds of bespoke invites for clients and are confident we can improve engagement with your customers or our panels of teachers. 



It is difficult to engage customers at the best of times, but teachers can be a particular challenge. Our questionnaires are designed to be quick, easy and engaging to respond, so that teachers can give you the little time they have most effectively. All our questionnaires are multi-platform, with particular emphasis being made for responses from tablets and smartphones. We also have our own ‘white-label’ platform so we can completely customise the look and feel so that it matches your company style.

Teacher Panels

There are times when you will require insight from a broad and representative group of teachers in addition to your customers. The National Education Research Panel (NERP) is the foundation of our ability to provide your business with teacher feedback. Over 8,000 senior leadership team members and subject teachers have opted-in to be researched by us. We work hard to build and retain panels of head teachers, finance and resource managers, heads of subject and other teacher groups, so we can direct your research inquiries to the most suitable member of staff. 

Building Communities


With 10 years’ experience building our own teacher panels we are now offering to create and manage panels of your own customers. We know many of you have tried and found it very challenging to generate a panel of your customers for researching. That is only the start. Once built, maintaining interest becomes key. Our experience shows it can be done with the right mix of engagement, incentivisation and feedback.

Statistics and analysis


Now you have your data, how do you interpret and match findings to desired business actions? For some, this is the easy bit. But we know data from surveys need to be interpreted and placed into context of many factors impacting the market for educational products and services. Every year, we gather tens of thousands of data points from schools throughout the UK and use this knowledge to ensure robust analysis. In addition, the use of industry-standard and well-proven methodologies (such as NPS, Max Diff and Conjoint Analysis), complex questions can be resolved with confidence. 


Now we have your data we use our knowledge (from researching schools every day for over 30 years), to present a report of the findings. We’ll always go back to the research outcomes you identified in your research brief to us to ensure the focus and value of the research is maintained.



This is the key part of any research project. Even with documentation, it is often of great benefit to sit around with staff and talk through the results and come to a common interpretation and understanding of what the research is telling us.

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